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British Tennis Ranking Tables & Stats
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GB TOP 25 TABLES from 2008wk01 (men) & 2008wk25 (women)
GB top 25 MEN - rankings, whereabouts, progress and points this week
GB top 25 WOMEN - rankings, whereabouts, progress and points this week
GB - Davis Cup ties & rankings (to end 2017) GB - Fed Cup ties & rankings (to end 2017)
Finding Old 2008-2016 GB T25 Tables Career Highlights Brits in ATP Challenger Finals
From @Helen_Parish: Career best wins - GB men Career best wins - GB women
GB SINGLES RANKING POINT BREAKDOWNS (all GB players, updated weekly)
GB Men - player by player GB Women - player by player
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GB Men from 1973 GB Women from 1975 GB Combined from 1975
Rankings of the 25th best GB men & women over time and c.f. other countries
BRITISH SUCCESSES - as inspired by DJ (updated soon after each tournament win or career high)
2016-18 lists are on the forum for now
GB Men - 2015 GB Women - 2015 GB Juniors - 2015
GB Men - 2014 GB Women - 2014 GB Juniors - 2014
Links near the top left of the above tables enable you to view titles and career highs back as far as 2008
GB RANKED PLAYER STATS - Movers, Career Highs, Ages (now updated weekly)
Last amended in May 2015 - retained for historical purposes, may be restarted eventually
GB Men - 2015 movers GB Women - 2015 movers GB Combined - 2015 movers
CAREER HIGHS for GB players ranked at any time this year
British MEN - career highs British WOMEN - career highs
AGES of GB players in the current ranking lists
British MEN - by age British WOMEN - by age
For movers / career high / by age tables frozen as at the end of earlier years
back as far as 2008, please use the links near the top left of the above tables